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Term Project
by Dan Brockman

University of California at Berkeley (Extension)
May 2007
Instructor: Jianmin Liu, Ph.D.
SAS-X405.7 SAS Graphing and Output Delivery System

Blood Pressure Data

During the last two years, I've recorded my blood pressure on most days, along with (usually) my weight. In Spring 2007, I used the accumulated data for my class project.

In my case, blood pressure seems lower in the morning, and rising toward the end of the day.

Also, my blood pressure seems to have declined a little during the last couple of years, but I've taken my blood pressure more often in the mornings during the last year, so the trend remains ambiguous.

For background information about blood pressure, visit British Blood Pressure Association .

Dr. Liu gave us the course assignment.

We had a study data set provided, but I chose to use my blood pressure data.
I used Excel spreadsheets as a convenient data-entry mechanism.


Right-click and choose "Save Target As"
My data consisted of 6 basic variables.

Dt  -- Date (yyyymmdd)
Tm  -- Time of day (hhmm)
Wt  -- Weight (raw data in pounds)
Sys -- Systolic pressure
Dia -- Diastolic pressure
Pul -- Pulse (beats per minute)
I used programs and to read the spreadsheets, condition and combine the data, and put the data into SAS data set bpsetdtkg.sas7bdat .

You can open the programs with notepad or with any text editor. Use SAS to open the data set.

I used one main program, to accomplish the project requirements.

The program is a demonstration of techniques. While some statistical patterns were revealed, data analysis and modeling weren't principal objectives. produced all the outputs shown here and additional outputs as well.

Program effects almost all its actions through macro invocations.

It uses inline macros, included macros and autoloaded macros.


Report of the numbers (pdf)

My favorite included and autoloaded macros are these:

Here are the other included and autoloaded macros:

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